Our Trees

We offer a 10+ acre u-pick lot consisting of both balsam fir and white and scotch pine. Standard trees range in height from 5ft to 12ft with larger trees filled by special request. Tagging begins on opening weekend (the third weekend in October) and continues on a quota basis (typically ending the last weekend in November). We provide each customer with a map of the property and a tag for their tree, once you make your selection you return the map to us to file along with your contact information. You can simply phone us 48 hours before you would like to pick up your tree and we will cut and have it prepared for you.

Want to cut down your tree yourself? No problem! We can provide you with a hand saw or you can bring your own but no chainsaws please!

In addition to our U-Pick lots, beginning December 1st we have fresh cut trees available for purchase in our retail lot on the property.

We offer baling for all trees at an additional cost.



Wreathes & More

Fresh Hand Made and hand decorated wreaths. We have a sample wall that allows you to see the variety of products that we offer to our customers. Our wreaths range in size from 16 inches to 60 inches in diameter with a variety of decorative styles available. We also offer a variety of sprays and teardrop style bouquets. You can order your customized product when you tag your tree. We also have fir and pine bundles on hand for your own custom project!

Not sure what you want? During the month of December, we have plenty of premade wreaths on hand for purchase.



Greenhouse Crafts

We offer a variety of local crafts ranging from Christmas pet bandanas to handmade Christmas cards. Our inventory is always changing – please check out our Facebook Page for the latest details.